good tidings


The countdown is quickening,
the house is decorated and clean (almost),
the baking nearly done
except for the plum tarts*
(the filling is made, the dough is chilling)
need to make the spiced red cabbage,
the cranberry sauce
the mincemeat trifle.

Reading blogs during breaks,
I love dreaming of sugar plums
and thinking about dasher and dancer*
and the Finnish Forest Reindeer
and how they became Santa’s one day.

Oh, and it’s Mr.Grinch’s 50th, as Peter also noted*.
Our daughters are excited by snow (wish we had some!)
instead I look at these snowflakes.
Erika is enjoying this merry time of year
and Anita made gorgeous pine cone decorations!

Now it’s time to wish my dear readers
Happy Christmas, Hauskaa Joulua, Frohe Weihnachten,
Joyeux Noël, Happy Holidays, a blessed Midwinter,
and mustn’t forget Peace on Earth!
Love and light, peace and joy,
Abundant inspiration and creativity!
(Whew, that’s a lot of wishes, take your pick!)
And…thank you all for visiting!

*expired links have been removed

December 22, 2007 in Culture, Home by Marja-Leena