goodbye Joe & Heidi


Joe Hyam, 20.9.1933 – 10.3.2014 and Heidi Rudloff Bush, 28.6.1938 – 22.12.2013

Saddened by the passing of Heidi just before Christmas, then Joe Hyam of Now’s the Time so soon after his wife, I have been without words. Many others have written about them and their friendship more eloquently than I ever could and I nod to them – please see links below.

I delved into our UK 2009 travel photos and found a precious few of our wonderful but short visit to Tunbridge Wells. Joe is well-known I think for being rather camera shy but Fred sneaked this quick shot in his beloved study just before we headed out for a walk in the town. (I tried to remove my image but it only spoiled the background.) I wrote back then about goodbyes, preferring the less final näkemiin or auf wiedersehn. It truly is now a goodbye while that day is even more precious a memory.

Lucy of Box Elder, a most eloquent and prolific writer, friend and collaborator with Joe on Compasses wrote these:
– a hauntingly beautiful poem on the loss of Heidi
– how she met Joe thanks to onions and about her scheme to go to Joe’s memorial
– about the trip and the memorial, along with links to others

Roderick Robinson of Tone Deaf, who has known Joe for decades, wrote several times:
– the first notice that I saw about Joe’s passing, a tribute to their long friendship, and more
– the day of the memorial
– He and his wife also attended Heidi’s memorial but I was unable to find the link about it. If Robbie reads this, perhaps he’ll send it in a comment below.

The Crow wrote a touching goodbye which reflects so well the amazing connections and friendships that come through this blogging medium and which I also feel deeply.

Added May 3, 2014: Joe’s brother Ken aka Lucas of Pomesonpoets has written a poignantly beautiful poem: A Ballad for Joe and Heidi.

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