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guess what this is....

Marja-Leena | 20/02/2008 | 8 comments
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Ocean foam on the sand?

A nebula? Just joking. I think it is butter frying in a pan...

The foam on a pint of lager? Some sort of mollusc saliva?

Soap suds on the counter?

This looks like the bottom of my sink when I have emptied out water into which I tipped too much washing up liquid! Or the drain in the yard when I pour out the floor washing water. But what the photo has set up in me is a definite desire for a milky cup of coffee!

Great guesses, all of you, thank you! Jackie is right on, she grew up on the Pacific coast and knows the sea well. But it does look like it could be any of your guesses. When I saw it on McKenzie Beach, near Tofino, at sunset, it made me think of coffee, too, Olga!

I've seen sea foam like that in New Hampshire. I once saw huge balls of sea foam blowing up the beach, like alien life forms. But you're right, any of the guesses could have worked!

Leslee, I think I've seen those huge sea foam balls blowing somewhere too! For whatever it's worth, this was tiny enough to be in a cup of coffee...