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Moving on from my initial studies of hands by way of scanning, I played around with ways of taking an impression of my hands.

I decided to try making collagraphs using acrylic medium on matcard pieces. I applied the medium using thin coats and thick coats and several types and brands of acrylic medium. I pressed my hands into the medium, from very wet, to almost dry. It was hard to get a very fine impression that was printable. The last two tests have a moderately thick layer of gel medium, allowed to dry slightly. Pressing hands into the medium still squished it around but with some additional drawing and manipulating, I achieved satisfactory impressions.

Shown here are scans of the initial proofs of the two plates on white paper. The print below is a section of the slightly larger print, too big for my scanner. Today, I printed these two plates on top of a much larger inkjet print of another image and was quite pleased with the result. Now this piece, another one of my 'Silent Messenger' series is almost ready to edition. Progress. And I feel better!


In case you are wondering - What is a collagraph?

Marja-Leena | 16/02/2007 | 7 comments
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Nicely done. Bet at times, you felt like a little kid.

I especially love the second ones. Those hands are alive!

Thanks, Cathy! Yeah, it was a bit like finger painting at times, heh.

Patry, thanks. I hope you'll like the final print too.

Hope you took your diamonds off first.

The second one would make a powerful book jacket illustration for something to do with captivity and a bid for freedom.

Anna, now you are giving me ideas! Do you have a book that I can illustrate? The handprints will look a bit different on top of the inkjet print, hopefully more like the handprints done by early cave people on rock walls.

I like these. And boy, do I know what it feels like to finally make some progress after feeling stuck. I'm glad for you!

Beth, thanks. I remember one conversation a long time ago with someone to whom I expressed how tired I was after a day in the studio in which I'd been struggling with something. He said, " I thought making art is supposed to be relaxing." I think you can guess my answer, Beth.