heat wave whine


too hot to plant my garden
(I’m way behind because of the trip)
too much weeding and watering to do
too hot to sleep, too hot to think, too hot to write

We’ve had only one partial day of rain since we got home two weeks ago. This record-breaking heat for this time of year is more like our usual weather in the latter half of July. Like most Vancouverites, we do not have air-conditioning, in fact our home is designed to take advantage of all the sun it can get, which is okay for most times of the year. I’ve noticed, besides the heat induced smog over the city, a faint smoky smell. Apparently it is drifting down from forest fires to the north of us.

Such extremes this year with an unusually cold winter and late spring and now this heat which has forced many flowers, such as the late rhododendrons, to come to bloom quickly and to fade even more quickly. Just like me, that is, the fading. Hope to be back to the travel posts soon, but now I must find a cool spot somewhere…

June 4, 2009 in Canada and BC, Home by Marja-Leena