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Continuing the story about our travels in conjuction with our Traces exhibition in Vaasa...

After Vaasa and Turku, came the beautiful capital city Helsinki, full of interesting things to see. As arranged, we met printmaker Vappu Johansson, who had been a visiting artist at Vancouver's Malaspina Printmakers Society. She kindly gave us an interesting tour of the printmaking studios at the University of Art & Design Helsinki, as well as her own Arabia Printmakers studio next door.

Helsinki has numerous museums and galleries and the greatest is the very modern KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art. I think my Canadian friends loved the city as much as I do!

Read about our visit to Tallinn, Estonia next.

Marja-Leena | 03/02/2004 | 2 comments
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Interesting to view your website and read about your comments on Finland. I used to do etchings with Malaspina P.M.S. and Dundarave Printworkshop. However, the travelling, parking and workshopfees changed me into a painter in my old age. I work nearly exclusively with the human figure and face. Greetings. Ingeborg

Ingeborg, thanks for writing! I think I recall you working at Capilano College many years ago, and have seen your lovely work in many print shows over the years. Best wishes! ml