Holman’s Graphic Art

Shaman Dances to Northern Lights 1991
Mary K. Okheena
stencil on paper, PWP 1/3 56.3 x 76.1 cm
Collection of The Winnipeg Art Gallery

I’ve been exploring this site with much pleasure: Holman: Forty Years of Graphic Art. Holman is a community located in Arctic Canada that is well-known for its graphic art. The site is based on an exhibition in 2002 of that name at the Winnipeg Art Gallery in Winnipeg, Canada, home to the largest collection of contemporary Inuit art in the Western world. (Back when I was living in Winnipeg in my youth, I saw several Inuit art exhibitions there.)

This excellent site features extensive information about life in Holman. A growing population in Holman and the demise of trapping as a source of income were key factors in the development of the arts and crafts industry. Drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and crafts provide an income for Holman artists. Read about the history of printmaking in Holman and the short biographies of the featured print artists. Note the useful descriptions of printmaking techniques along with the fascinating short videos of some of the artists demonstrating their techniques. Of course, the highlight is the gallery of works. Finally, don’t miss reading the wonderful story of The Blind Boy and the Loon, as an example of their story-telling tradition.

(Thanks to Print Australia, or now called bellebyrd for this great link.)

August 26, 2005 in Culture, Other artists, Printmaking by Marja-Leena