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No, not down here but from a visit to Mt. Seymour a few short weeks ago. I’m enjoying dipping into those photos! Though the weather is much warmer this week (8C or 46F this evening!) I’m still dreaming of a white Christmas, but the weatherman thinks it may not be so. We may have to visit the mountains again for I think eldest daughter is bringing her snowshoes when they come down for Christmas.

After a blessedly short spell earlier this week fighting a cough and cold, I’ve finished the Christmas mailings, done the shopping (except for more food), and baked the stollen and biscotti so far. Tomorrow we’ll set up the tree and youngest daughter and I will decorate it on Monday. The countdown is on, but not anywhere as dramatic as it was in 2008. How are you faring with the preparations, dear readers?

December 17, 2011 in Canada and BC, Current Events, Home by Marja-Leena