I’m back!

We just arrived home this evening from a very interesting six-day driving holiday to Alberta and back, with lots of stories and photos to share for several days to come! A warm thank you to everyone who emailed and sent comments. We had occasional internet connection but it was on a PC that I was not very comfortable with, so apologies for seeming to ignore you all! I’ve missed reading your blogs. I will catch up in a few days with the correspondence and reading.

I am sorry that my new TypeKey registration for commenting seems to be giving some of you problems. Please be patient and try again. I know it works because some commenters have succeeded and my site designer has been testing it out
UPDATE, Sunday morning: I have decided to turn off TypeKey registration because so many of you are having problems. I look forward to receiving all your “witty, sparkling comments” (saidth Anna)!

June 10, 2006 in Blogging by Marja-Leena