in transition


This seems to be a month of transitions.

A major one is the sudden decision to switch this blog over to another platform. I’ve been working with Movable Type for almost 10 years but they have recently announced that they have now removed the free licenses and will have only a commercial offering. My son-in-law/tech support moved quickly to switch this to WordPress – he takes good care of the family blogs! I am always slow in adapting to technical changes though I’ve had lots of help from designer daughter Erika (thank you!). I’m finally ready to go live at WordPress, though there are still some tweaks to be done. So welcome back, dear readers, I have missed you! I hope there will be no commenting or other problems but do let me know if there are.

Other distractions, transitions in themselves, that have slowed me down are a granddaughter’s 13th birthday yesterday with all our family here for the weekend. Yes, that explains the card above and it is a special and happy event for us all.

Fall is of course a transitional season and October has been the most glorious month, with only a couple of stormy rainy days early on. The colours are exceptionally brilliant, the weather warm. We have admittedly had about a week of overnight fog which usually burns away in the morning but sometimes lingers all day. I rather like the effects. Fall gardening means we have planted a new garden area where our hedge had to be removed next to the new neighbour’s new home construction and dividing wall. We have brought indoors some tender plants including red bell peppers, we’re pruning, pulling out ivy and weeds, mulching, planting bulbs… still more to do as time, weather, sore backs and knees allow.


Finally, my art making, always quiet anyway over summer, is still in transition this fall for I am very sad that the print studio where I worked for many years has been shut down. It’s a major adjustment for me to work alone in my small home studio. I will be writing more about this later.

October 27, 2013 in Being an Artist, Blogging, Home by Marja-Leena