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Here's a peek at some of my work that is in progress in the printmaking studio. These are early trial proofs. More about these later when the series is a bit more finished.

I must get outside to work in the garden! It is a rare day when it is not pouring rain, the morning fog is burning off and it is sunny on a day that I don't have other pressing commitments. See you later...

Marja-Leena | 05/11/2012 | 7 comments
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More offerings... So friendly, too, that open hand of strange gifts.

I've just come in for lunch and to dry my feet - the backyard is a swamp and I don't have any rubbers! Lovely warm sunshine, how I've missed it, going back out soon...

Marly, I love what you see and the words you use describe my work. I'd not thought of offerings....

Sunshine today, and you are right: it is a pleasure. It has been so wet this year. I have been digging up pulmonarias, to be split and planted in a new area tomorrow. Let's hope it stays dry.

Your trials look intriguing. I like the ambiguity: are you holding and offering, or trying to contain? Or both? I look foward to seeing what develops.

I loved your 'hand in worship' scans from last year. It's a lovely subject to draw inspiration from and I think will be a magical print series.

Olga, it's been very wet here the last few weeks so I feel overwhelmed with all the work to be done before winter. I certainly overdid it today. Had to look up pulmonarias as I'm not familiar with them - very delicate!

Thanks for your thoughts on my work, wish me luck in how the series develops.

Susan, how nice that you remembered those as they did eventually become the start of this series followed by more. Funny how I will do these things as play for the blog and they can sometimes develop into serious pieces. They are almost like sketches at first....

I don't know; an open hand always has a kind of innocence and vulnerability...

Marly, yes, that too! As you may know, hands have figured in my work and blog writings frequently, sometimes regarding those by cave artists, sometimes my own. This post has a bit of a summary of them, and here's the one Susan mentioned: my hand in worship post. I seem to be revisiting 'hands' in many ways!