in Steveston





Yesterday afternoon we headed out to the old fishing village of Steveston, a part of Richmond (a city south of Vancouver). It was a cool drizzly afternoon with a bit of a chill in the wind as we walked from our car to the Fishermens’ Wharf, located on the south arm of Fraser River. Unlike the very warm sunny day in 2008 when the place was crowded with people strolling on the boardwalk, buying seafood directly off the boats, and dining at the tables outside the many restaurants, it was almost desolate.

We met dear friends who came from out of town for a few days to visit their family and for business. We had great food in one of the surprisingly busy seafood restaurants on this wharf. As we chatted and ate, a couple of huge freighters headed out to sea. It was a heartwarming visit though much too short.

By the time we were driving back home, the rush hour had begun so we decided to wait it out by shopping in a certain Swedish store enroute. (Yay, I found bed and bath linens in a colour I’ve been trying to find for some time.) We dawdled there for a while over coffee, then got bored and decided to tackle the traffic anyway. By this time it was dark and raining very heavily making visibility a challenge. The traffic was terrible and slow but we did make it home safely, tired from the hour’s journey. But it was worth it seeing our good friends for a couple of hours and in such a lovely spot.

February 6, 2013 in Canada and BC by Marja-Leena