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Half of my studio table is covered with a pile of proofs from various prints as I never like to throw anything away. Today I played with some pieces of prints on paper layered with printed film. I rather like these two. I think of them as sketches that perhaps will see a new life in new work one day, as is or combined with other images and colours in larger works.


Marja-Leena | 03/03/2012 | 12 comments
themes: Being an Artist, Printmaking


It was probably a result of seeing your recent 'hand holding' series but my first thought on opening the page was that I was looking at a scarified fingerprint. That would be taking going tribal into a whole new realm, wouldn't it?

Both pieces are really very fascinating all by themselves. As parts of future prints, I can only imagine how nice they'll be.

Susan, I see what you mean now that you mention it. The images are from ancient rock so that seems to make them 'tribal'. Anyway, I'm playing with these for now and see where they go.

so lovely to play with images in your studio. i don't do enough of that. x

Elisa, I should be doing it more often. But you do a lot of different things like pottery, woodworking, and many home crafts - there are only so many hours in a day.

The first makes me think of the cross section of a tree trunk or the circles which appear when you cut across a knot in timber. It strikes me that chance can play a significant part in the creation of intended images from random images; art out of chaos.

Joe, chance is something I love to happen in my work, sort of like happy accidents. "Art out of chaos" indeed!

Keep everything! Do not throw anything away! These are grand!

rouchswalwe! wow! thanks for your enthusiastic support.

The first one made me think of tree rings also--the place of memory for trees, parallel to the head with (brainish) rings.

The figure on the right in the second has an odd shadowy look...

Hurrah for play!

Marly, yay for play!

I really enjoy your work. I too can never throw anything away, and am constantly trying to think of new ways to reuse images. I will check in frequently.

Drew, hello and thank you, pleased to meet another printmaker! I've had a peek at your very nice site, and have bookmarked it to visit some more.