International Women’s Day 2007


Today we are celebrating the achievements of women around the world on this International Women’s Day. It’s an important way to remember the struggles of women who fought for equality for their sisters and coming generations of women. My own gratitude and thanks to all women!

Canada is well-known for its human rights and the rights and equality of women. Yet there are still problems with violence against women whether they are prostitutes or wives of abusers. This day is also a reminder that there are still severe problems in many parts of the world. Read Where the equality gaps still exist.

Finland is noted for being the first European nation to grant women the right to vote and to hold a seat in Parliament. Learn more about Finland’s parliament: pioneer of gender equality.

Image above: the colours of IWD, with some controversy about the white.

March 8, 2007 in Current Events, History by Marja-Leena