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Natural rock with amazing colour variation and pattern in what I used to think was always all green, BC jade. I like this better than the usual jade jewelry or carvings, such a rock lover that I am.

Marja-Leena | 14/09/2011 | 12 comments
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interesting to see it raw! x

It does look soft enough to carve! How interesting.

That is much more subtle than the green jade. However, the green jade looks wonderful in rich gold settings.

Elisa, it certainly is!

Rouchswalwe, it does but I'm not sure as I didn't try.

Hattie, the colours certainly struck me for how different they are from Asian jade. Perhaps polishing brings out the green.

The colours are so delicate it's hard to believe they're minerals.

Susan, yes, I love the unusual rusty look. Doesn't nature do a wonderful job of colour coordination?

Grand tiny landscapes. I have a big piece of talc somewhere exactly that shade--from my childhood rock club one summer in Colorado.

Marly, talc, really?! Okay, off to wikipedia to learn about that. I didn't know talc comes from a stone, and that soapstone is a composed predominantly of talc. Soft stones, those.

By the way, I just happened to read up about jade a little more and learned here">">here that it is the world's toughest stone, one reason why it is so expensive.

Wow, that is beautiful. Where is it?

Leslee, I don't know if you followed my spring posts about our islands getaway, mainly Gabriola then a few spots on Vancouver Island on the way to Victoria. Chemainus was one of the towns we stopped at along the way, where there are many wall murals and a square with displays about the town's mostly logging history, and a huge jade rock. I never did get back to blogging about that part of the holiday!

Amazing colours.
Helsingin musiikkitalo näyttää joskus aivan jaden väriseltä etelästä päin katsottuna, tummaa vihreää jadea.

Anna! Musiikkitalo kuulostaa todella kauniilta miten sen värit vaihtelee. Toivon että pääsen Suomeen käymään taas ja käydä katsomassa ulkoa ja sisältä.