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This may be the last vestige of the old industrial district along False Creek, Vancouver.
Luxury condominiums and the Olympic Village are moving in. What a change.

Marja-Leena | 31/08/2008 | 4 comments
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It looks quite Old World somehow, hope the change is for the better, I imagine that's by no means certain.

Wanted to say how much I liked the Arkeo prints too, with their strong diptych quality...

Change ... always a certainty in life! Some good, some bad, always difficult to adjust to.

Oh dear.

You'll have to keep us posted on the changes that happen. Here in Montreal we have the vestiges of both Expo and an Olympics, much of which has now grown up to ruins or fallen into disuse - after losing a great deal of money for the city (I think Expo did better than the Olympics.) I hope Vancouver fares better.

Lucy, yes, this spot seemed so unusually out-of-place here that it just jumped out at me. Thanks for your words on ARKEO!

Joan, is it a sign of age that we dislike change? Actually my youngest daughter doesn't like it either.

Beth, I remember reading about those disasters. The Olympics is a huge tax burden on us all, I believe, and big business benefits. Yes, I hope in the end Vancouver benefits in spite of the cost. The rapid transit to the airport, though tough on the businesses on Cambie Street during construction, will be a good thing in the end.

I'm not against the loss of the ugly polluting industrial area in the centre of the city. False Creek used to be terribly polluted but is now fairly clean and used by boaters. What I object to is the excessive luxury market aimed at foreign investors when we are desperate for affordable housing for our own people. Hopefully the Olympic Village will eventually provide some of that. I also hope the new sustainable building methods work out well and become adopted elsewhere.

Back to the False Creek development, I'm pleased to read about how the shoreline is being developed. We saw parts of it on our recent walk and it looks good.