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leaves on glass


stained glass of
rusty red and yellow
birch leaves on wet skylight


Will they still be there when the frost comes?

Marja-Leena | 07/11/2007 | 18 comments
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Simple beautiful!

frozen to the pane
three leaves, brown, yellow and red
surviving winter

Leaves on wet skylight:
this must be what a snail sees
from inside its shell.

Thanks Cathy! I was thinking of your gorgeous leaf photos.

Olivia and Dave, I'm really getting spoiled by these wonderful haiku. I like the image of the snail and I'm sure I will now imagine myself as one the next time I'm standing under the skylight.

Ah - haiku poets are gathering here on your blog, Marja-Leena. I am not the only one any more, Dave has joined me. That's wonderful, now there are two of us here.
How about writing a haiku yourself, Marja-Leena? Then we would be three .... and maybe more will come ...

Olivia, I'm not a poet though I've made a few feeble attempts sometimes. I better stick with my own strength, visual art, and let that inspire others like you and Dave to write.

Joan, thank you.

Jännää, miten silmä valehtelee - tai näkee haluamansa. Ensikatsomisella näytti siltä kuin lehdet olisivat ajelehtineet lammessa, jonka pintaan heijastuu valoa ja ympäröivä metsä. Vasta kun luin kirjoituksesi, kuva tarkentui ja lasi löysi paikkansa. Hienoja kuvia, kiitos Marja-Leena.

Your photos grow more and more beautiful. The stuff of poetry indeed. The top one here I just adore.

three shades of brown
leaves floating on the wet glass
tooth-edged enduring

Such leaves. Thank you. Leaves have been special here this Autumn. But nothing as special as these.

Viides rooli - Niin usein tapahtuu ja minusta on hauska kun niin sattuu, erityisesti omilla kuvilla. Kiitos!

Jean, thanks so much, your words mean a lot to me.

Tall Girl, thanks for joining in with your wonderful haiku. I love 'tooth-edged enduring'.

Joe, thank you! I'm happy you feel that these are special, just as I find your poetry very special!

leaves fall in the rain
the trembling birch tree stands still
clothed only in fog

MB, thanks for joining in with this lovely poem. I love 'trembling' and 'clothed in fog'.

Oh, how lovely! Nature's own print.

Leslee - a print!? Wow, thank you.

Gorgeous, I love how you can't tell which way's up!

Lucy, thanks. I like that kind of image, too, though sometimes it's just luck to find it.