little test prints


It’s been quite some time since I’ve shown any of my printmaking projects. I still haven’t uploaded the series I finished in the fall and in January…. soon, I hope. So readers might be interested in these little test pieces that I did a while ago.


Wanting to try out a special technique called chine-collé, as well as have a little fun, I chose a small collagraph plate I had from earlier tests and some sections from older inkjet proofs to print onto. I tore small pieces of very thin inkjet printed papers, applied special glue on these and placed them on the inked collagraph plate just before it was run through the press.


I learned that the inkjet colours of these particular chine-colléd papers were not waterfast but they were still fun little pieces to do while learning a few new things. Later I experimented with prints from another printer with waterproof inks that worked better though I didn’t like the images as much.

These are shown here about life size.

March 22, 2010 in Being an Artist, Digital printmaking, Printmaking by Marja-Leena