Looking back: Lucia’s Day

I am finding that one of the downsides of being a blogger for more than two or three years is that I feel that more and more I begin to repeat myself. Yet, readers come and go though there are many long time loyal readers that I treasure. Am I chatting with the new readers, or with the longtime ones? Both, of course. Well, it is my blog and a kind of diary, and it is a special time of year for me when I enjoy rereading my past December posts, dug up out of the ever larger archives.

With today’s slightly tired and jaded eyes, I look back on that first year of blogging and feel again that excitement of discovering new information on the net and the joy of connections with new blog friends. I’m going to link to some of my old favourites on their anniversary dates with the hope that new readers will enjoy them for the first time, and longtime readers will not be too bored. After all, this is the season of holiday traditions and this has become a tradition for me, as is sharing the joys. (However, the nature of this medium being what it is, some older links may be dead.)

Lucia by Swedish painter Carl Larsson, 1908 – from wikipedia

Today is Lucia’s Day, or the Festival of Lights. Two years ago, I wrote in part:

Lucia is “the only saint celebrated by the Lutheran Swedes, Finns, Danes, and Norwegians, in celebrations that retain many pre-Christian elements of a midwinter light festival.” “Her feast day in the West is December 13, by the unreformed Julian calendar the longest night of the year”. Lucia also means light, so this is a festival of lights in the dark northern countries. I find it fascinating how the many religious and pagan traditions meld and transform over time into our modern day celebrations.

Last year’s post includes some interesting links to other bloggers, especially Dave’s unique view of the saint of light.

Happy Santa Lucia Day! Now, back to writing a few more Christmas letters. The overseas ones are finally on their way. I’m enjoying reading the ones arriving daily now.

ADDENDUM 3:50 pm: Lucy of Box Elder has written a wonderful and personally significant Nocturne upon St Lucy’s Day – a highly recommended read!

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