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Lifting my head from letter writing, my eyes are drawn to glimpses of bright but long low rays of sunshine crossing the yard, breaking through the neighbour's dense row of trees along the south side of our property. With few south-facing windows, this view appears magical even through dirty glass. There stands one of the last trees around here still with leaves, glowing yellow as if in competition with the sun, that sun which is lowering ever more in the sky as it approaches the winter solstice.

Marja-Leena | 08/12/2011 | 8 comments
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Oh my, what a magical sight. I used to have a palm that size a few feet beyond the foot of my bed. I loved to drink my weekend morning coffee watching the the way the window crystals lit the plant and the way the shadows formed on the white wall behind it.

Susan, after posting this, I realized how oddly tropical this image looks even though it did not feel tropical in the solarium. I love dancing shadows....

Lovely light and green:) We had a snow storm here in Tampere today and it is all white-grey-black:)
have a nice week end, Marja-Leena

Leena! Thank you. Winter has arrived late in Finland, I hear. Sounds beautiful! Other than snow on the mountains, and some night frosts, we're still in late fall mode. I hope for some snow for Christmas but not so much that it will be difficult for travellers.

It does look tropical, and steamy and hot
Very lovely, the view from your window
(look better with snow though!)

Mouse, it looks that way though it's not since the solarium is not heated. Yes, I agree the view would look better with snow as we do love our snow, don't we!

This is one of those scenes where the imagination can run wild. I hear a dinosaur off to the right ...

rouchswalwe! hee, I love it when your imagination runs wild..