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May flowers

a part of a larger flower cluster of choisya, Mexican orange, with a heavenly scent

a pretty wild creeper with tiny flowers and leaves that grows up rock walls and in the lawn, name unknown but much loved

the heart of a yellow rhododendron blossom

Yesterday's glorious sunshine, after two dreary wet weeks, beckoned me to leave the studio and go outside. My garden is at its most beautiful this time of year so I took a few photos to share here - of nature's art instead of mine. Then I repotted all my tomato plants to continue to grow in the solarium for a little longer. Today's lovely too so you will find me in the garden....

Marja-Leena | 08/05/2012 | 6 comments
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Ivy-leaved toadflax?

Some of us depend almost entirely on nature's art... lovely photos anyway.

Lucy, yes, that's it, thank you! I looked it up, and see that it is native to southwest Europe. I wonder if someone brought it here. I did not have it in our previous home, still in this area. It's considered invasive but Iove it. I just pull it out when it dries out in the summer and it comes back every year.

It's good you're finally able to spend some time in your garden. The pictures of the ones in bloom right now are wonderful. Your mysterious little blue flowers resemble the Cascade Downingia. What do you think? The website is a great resource for PNW flowers.

Susan, that is indeed a lovely site for this region's wildflowers, thank you, have bookmarked it. The flower you linked to is similar except not in the leaves, but I think I've seen it somewhere. I'm terribly ignorant with many wildflower names...

Actually, I didn't go into the garden after all today, for the construction next door was bothering me. Instead I spent time in the studio looking through more life drawings and photographing them for my own records. I will put up some more on the blog to bore everyone!

What lovely delicate colors.

Hattie, yes, that they are, but I also have lots of other colours like the hot pink azaleas, a violet rhododendron, a red rhododendron and red tulips, the latter two just finishing. Just out now are the bright yellow poppies scattered everywhere.