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Many of my readers may remember MB Whitaker who was well-known and liked for her lovely blog Find Me a Bluebird, where she posted almost daily poems and photos. Sadly she stopped doing so about two years ago but has left the blog up. Meanwhile MB still sings and plays with her band The Heard.

I was thrilled to receive an email a few days ago from MB that she, her husband and daughter were coming from Idaho to Vancouver for a brief visit on a Pacific Northwest Coast holiday trip. We arranged to meet, and that was last night for dinner at a restaurant on Granville Island. Wow, was it wonderful to make that face-to-face connection once again with someone who had become an online friend. My inner shyness always quakes a little at the prospect of meeting the first time but melted away quickly for as always it is a wonderful and memorable experience, cementing a friendship even more.

MB and her husband both work in the non-profit environmental fields, and MB is also a web designer so we wished that our daughter Erika had been able to join us for those are her areas of work too. MB's daughter, still in high-school is bright, beautiful and creative like both her parents. After our discussions of what might be her future career choices and places for study, she showed great interest in the quick tour we took afterwards of our art and design institution nearby, Emily Carr University, though quiet at this moment between semesters. Our time together was too short but we hope to meet again!

I did take a photo of them but forgot to ask for permission to post it - maybe later?

Marja-Leena | 16/06/2010 | 11 comments
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Oh, how exciting! (Hi, MB, if you're reading!) So great that you've been able to meet so many blogland people lately. I think we can put that old nut about computers turning people into isolated zombies to rest!

Leslee, yes, I'm excited to have met more blog friends this year. Last year was a record, especially on our UK visit. When are you coming this way, Leslee? And yes, I hope MB reads this!

lovely to meet on liners...

That's a great story Marja-leena. Maybe you and I will have a chance to meet in real life someday!

Rosie, yes it is!

Elise! How wonderful that you've dropped by! We're not so far from each other, yet too far... but it would be grand to meet. I'd love to see your show.

I'm always so happy to hear about you meeting blog friends for real. Perhaps one day the two of you will travel to Nova Scotia.. or maybe we won't be able to take the cold and will transfer all the way west again.

Susan, it would be great to meet, either in Nova Scotia or here. It's my hope that we will visit the Maritimes someday.

Oh, my goodness -- shoulda known you'd make a story out of it! It was a delight to meet you both and put a face to the personality I'd conversed with and come to know online over the years. I wish we'd had a little more time: I'd love to have seen some of your work up close. Next time, maybe!

MB, it was such a delight to meet you too, and your partner and daughter. You were here too short a time so I hope we shall meet again and I'd love to show you my work. Thanks so much for the visit!

Wo! Yes, how wonderful to have news of the much-missed mb. I take hope from the fact that the blog is still there... Glad you had such a grand meeting...

Fire Bird, I'm glad that this was such good news for you. Here's hoping MB will restart the blog one day!