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A spell of insomnia had its sweet rewards yesterday morning. As the northeast sky behind the mountains began to glow in orange and scarlet, I stepped out on the deck to breathe in the fresh calm air, listen to the quiet and watch the changing sky. What a glorious way to meet the morning, imagining being the only person on this spot on earth.

Up the street, I see a car slowly approaching, stopping at some of the houses, then ours. Here comes our newspaper. It's 5:15 in the morning, husband will be getting up any minute. Another work day ahead.

I think this photo of my meeting and greeting the morning seems appropriate for the Finnish Photo Thursday blog, Valokuvatorstai this week with the theme of "kohtaaminen" - meeting or encounter.

Marja-Leena | 20/07/2006 | 11 comments
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Carpe diem-- "seize the day."


Beautiful photo really captures that feeling of early dawn.

How beautiful. I've had some trouble sleeping this week also - waking up very early, just before or around sunrise. There are rewards in the beauty of the morning and fresh air, time to contemplate. But it does catch up with you later in the day!

Yes, Chuck, carpe diem is right on!

Elise, thanks - it really was just too beautiful not to take a photo.

Leslee, during the hot weather it is very refreshing to be up early, but no, it doesn't feel good being sleep deprived. Siestas sound good then.

That lovely silhouette makes me want to get out my paintbox. I too have been getting up very early to get things done before the heat strikes about 10 a.m. It was 32 centigrade here yesterday. I was out at 5.30 this morning and it was as if the world was newly-made.

Like you Marja-Leena, every morning when I awake after a bad night's sleep, there's something special with the solitude even when a lone Seagull squawks overhead. It reminds me of my youth sleeping in the wilderness not knowing what adventure awaited me after sunrise. If you've ever heard the song Crystal Blue Persuation by Tommy James & the Shondells - this tells a story of the coming of a new day; most definately! Guess Hubby gets spoiled with cup of fresh hot cup of coffee eh! You're remarkable!

Well, I mucked up my last comment. Guess I was thinking of sitting beside you with a cup of coffee for me too. Oh, my eyeglasses were upside down. Dah, I need a tune-up!

The most perfect kind of "morning meeting"--just you and all the possibility a new day holds. This was lovely, Marja-leena.

Everyone agrees early morning is a special time!!

Anna, I hope you did do a painting! Did you notice the silhouettes are oleanders? I have several pots on the deck where they like the heat, which went to 32C here too! We had such temperatures for a couple of weeks earlier in July, then a cooler week, and now another heat wave, saying it will be 36C tomorrow! We are breaking records. Heat makes me cranky and sluggish! Did you read Paula's House of Toast - like that!

Roger, I got both comments fine! And I would love to have a sit together over a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise!

Patry, yes, a fresh start and fresh hopes - like a meditation.

Beautiful colours. Makes you wonder what kind of day is coming. And I don't mean only the weather.

Thanks Outi! Nice to meet another Finnish blogger! Wow , you have a lot of cats and dogs.