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Feeling a bit twisted by busy-ness, yet mossy when idled by exhaustion....

I've so much to write, particularly about a fantastic art exhibition by a favourite artist that we saw on the weekend, and a wonderful walk, and about some gorgeous fossil photos...

But too distracted by other stuff in my life. Good things, like eldest daughter visiting. Busy things like getting ready for a trip. Oh, that's another thing to tell you about! Later.

(Photo by my husband taken on said weekend walk.)

Marja-Leena | 16/04/2009 | 12 comments
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I love the photo.

What a wonderful image of the interplay of twists and moss!

I do think of the Northwest as being mossy. Good luck with the trip planning. I know it's both exciting and exhausting! Once you're on your way you'll have a great time.

Now that is one swell photo! And your description of that twisted, mossy feeling is right on, Marja-Leena ... me, too at the present and I'm hoping to drink a bottle of Lambic with friends this weekend to clear the fuzziness out of my brain. We finally have the spring sun here and the skies are blue, blue, beautiful blue!

Dave, I'm glad you do.

Maria, thanks, I think so too!

Leslee, that's why it's so green here ;-) Thanks for the good wishes, there certainly is a lot to do in the garden this time of year, shopping and making gifts.... Yes, I'll relax once we're on our way.

Rouchswalwe, yes, spring is here! I think we'll just miss the tulips though. Lambic clears your brain? Alcohol does the opposite to me.

I'd like to live in that tree.


A talent shared between spouses (spice?) - that's rare.

Martha, now there's an idea!

BB, oooh, spice sounds nice. I've learned a lot about photography from spouse and I do believe I've taught him some things too... the technical vs the artistic.

Amazing mossy tree! It's good to be busy in a good way, though it can overwhelm somewhat.

Have a wonderful trip.

Lucy, overwhelmed says it right now! As I worked in the garden yesterday I saw that we'll miss the tulips and rhododendrons this year. Thanks, I'm sure once we are on our way the trip will be great.

I am now enjoying the Northwest spring in Seattle. Getting used to small subtle signs of change instead of the usual blast of colors and sensations that Hawaii offers.

Hattie, you will start noticing how quickly things are growing here, now that the weather has warmed up. Enjoy!