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test print of a small collagraph

Well, the elections are over, for better or worse, here in Canada. Harper and the Tories won, but thankfully only another minority government. What for, at such great expense, and for how long? And why such a record low voter turnout? So, more of the same old, same old. We really must get a system of proportional representation into our electoral system, such as the Nordic countries have, as do many others.

Life goes on. This morning I was back in the studio starting a new collagraph, though not the above which was a small materials test I'd done earlier. I kind of like this, so maybe I'll print up a few with colour for the annual print sale in December where inexpensive little prints sell more readily. I very rarely work so small, this being about the size of a postcard.

Oh, speaking of postcards... Tom and I collaborated to create Shine for postal poetry! Go have a look.

Marja-Leena | 15/10/2008 | 10 comments
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Oh, I like this!!

Sorry to hear of the low voter turnout. I sure hope that doesn't happen here!

Thanks Joan. The low turnout and the splits between parties meant that the Tories got something like 22% of the Canadian population. How can that mean that they have any kind of mandate to lead us?

Very nice collaboration on that postcard!

Thanks, Maria! It was fun to do.

I didn't know you called them tories too... thought that was a Brit thing.

I loved the Postal poetry collaboration. The collagraph looks interesting too, they're intriguing things...

Lucy, yes, they are called Tories, Cons, even Reformatories because they are a merge of Reform party and the former Progressive Conservatives. Harper is from the Reform. Our parliamentary system is based on the British one. I'm not sure if our first-past-the-post electoral system is the same as well?

Thanks for the compliments and for commenting at postal poetry! They are all wonderful, including yours; I've been negligent about commenting there.

First past the post, eh? Perhaps they'll be tested for drugs, found positive and disqualified from holding office for a decade.

Barrett - heh, wouldn't that be great!

Oh! This reminds me of an electron micrograph. One of my passions when studying biology was the pictures of cells, and in particular mitochondria. Guess I'm a little odd like that!

Hi Mouse, you're not odd at all. I kind of see the same. I loved biology in high school but haven't studied it since, other than as an interested reader and observer. We live with biology all around us and inside us, after all!