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images captured early morning, December 22nd

Christmas with our family was wonderful though too short a time. On the morning of the Feast of Stephen our eldest daughter and partner left and that afternoon our good friends arrived. A wonderful time was had with them as always, talking non-stop, eating too much, exchanging gifts and teaching them a new game. This afternoon they left and suddenly it feels very quiet here, a pause in the middle of the holiday season, a chance to catch one's breath and meditate on the last days of another year and a new one soon to come. The weather is unusually warm and wet -- up to 12C or 54F today -- so unlike three years ago when we had a major amount of snow.

I hope, dear readers, that your festive season has been a happy one.

Marja-Leena | 28/12/2011 | 9 comments
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What a lovely display of candles and cards. I'm very happy to know you're enjoying a wonderful Christmas Season. May the New Year bring you much happiness and a gentle winter.

Susan, thanks! Can you see yours there, a bit hidden by a shadow? I was kind of missing the sunshine today.

We've had a wonderful Christmas, too. Love those photos with the shadows.
Happy New Year!

Hattie, thanks and the same to you! I do hope to do a New Year's post...

Yes, I did see it over on the left. Sulamith Wulfing was a mystic who painted a lot of very spiritual (and Northern) pictures.

Susan, I just searched the name and discovered a wikipedia page on her as well as images. Wow. Thanks again for this lovely card - I will treasure it and learn more about this artist, sadly no longer with us.

I love gathering greenery on Christmas Eve, decorating the tree and putting up all the cards. It's a signal that hibernation could begin. We have had a lovely relaxed time, mostly reading by the fire, and listening to music - still not able to believe that I have no other responsibilities.

The unusually warm weather here has made evening walks a pleasant possibility. Celebrations begin tonight, and I'll be starting the Sauerkraut in a few hours. I'm wishing you all a good slide into the New Year! (... einen guten Rutsch!)

Olga, I'm glad to hear this for you deserve such a relaxing time after a difficult year. I'm doing some hibernating after all the visiting.

rouchswalwe, sounds good over your way! Happy celebrations!