Now and then I try to do some housekeeping of my too numerous files on this computer as well as the archives of this blog. In my recent rounds, I came across some more photos of one of the wasp nests as seen in Hand with Wasp Nests, so I have placed them in their new home here.

The lower image reveals the amazing underside with an odd cap on top, presumably the sticky patch that enabled it to be attached to the wood frame of a skylight in our solarium. You may have seen the original photo of its face.

I also came across a post with closeup images of the broken nest which I think are worth a revisit, especially for newer readers. I had used one of them in Hand with Wasp Nests, and the other almost whole one in Hand with Nest. (Confusingly similar titles, I know.)

January 27, 2013 in Being an Artist, Nature, Photoworks by Marja-Leena