(the view outside my office window on a drier day)

I seem to be focusing on weather lately, as is everyone else living in southwest BC. Yesterday’s massive storm topped all previous storms of this stormy month! Powerful winds and heavy rain caused all kinds of havoc. Ferries shut down, highways, houses and powerlines were hit by falling trees. By late Wednesday afternoon, 210,000 BC Hydro customers were without power, including one daughter’s place in Surrey. It even caused a four-storey building under construction in East Vancouver to collapse and has left 125,000 still without power today. Port Alberni on Vancouver Island was hit particularly hard. I think the Hydro crews deserve a huge thank you for the hours and days of dangerous work they are doing to remove fallen trees and restore power.

Thankfully we haven’t been affected in any serious way. The only impact for me has been that the Capilano College campus was shut down yesterday and today because of a water main break, so I haven’t been able to go and work in the studio. Hopefully all will be repaired for tomorrow. Weather-wise it will be a normal damp November with no storms until the next one on Sunday.

November 16th will always be an especially significant day for us, thanks to the birth of our second grandchild and my art opening one year ago. I loved one commenter calling it “an opening act”! We will be at a special little birthday party this afternoon, then we meet dear friends for dinner. Since they moved to Victoria we only see each other once in a while, so it will be a real treat. A special day ahead!

UPDATE NOV.17th: On the way out yesterday, we heard that Greater Vancouver residents have been advised to boil their water or use bottled water! Then this morning’s Vancouver Sun features huge headlines on the front page Two million told: Don’t drink the water. “One of the largest water warnings in the province’s history was issued Thursday for Greater Vancouver’s two million residents after torrential rains triggered dozens of landslides into the region’s reservoirs, turning tap water cloudy and brown.” Now the city of Nanaimo has the same advisory. This may last for a while with Sunday’s expected storm.

At the restaurant last night, we were unable to get our usual glasses of tap water, instead having to purchase bottled water. No tea or coffee either! I wondered if the kitchen did not know how to boil water, heh. Anyway, yes, we had a wonderful time at the birthday and then meeting our friends. Guess what we talked about – the weather!

November 16, 2006 in Being an Artist, Current Events by Marja-Leena