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The many photos from our week in Paris, way back in May, are still awaiting to be posted!

And now I have all these photos of our recent island hopping mini-vacation that I'm eager to share. These were taken on the small open ferry from Vancouver Island to Denman Island. Details, again, that attracted me.









Marja-Leena | 10/09/2009 | 11 comments
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Thank you for the comments to my post today. I removed it, but I wanted you to know I sincerely appreciated your thoughtfulness.

One of my best memories from my trip to the Puget Sound area was riding the ferries between Vancouver, BC and Victoria. Thanks for posting about them.


I'm picturing all the sight-seers on the ferry with their cameras trained on sea and mountains - and then there's Marja-Leena off to the side, camera pointed down at the rigging. Thanks for sharing with us the more interesting details that everyone else overlooks. :-)

Martha, I found your post very moving. Glad you are enjoying these tweaks of past happy memories!

Leslee, I did take photos of sea and mountains, but the camera doesn't have a great zoom so they aren't as remarkable. Glad you like my oddities!

I'm sure you don't need anything more to read, but this post reminded me of this post
and I thought that you might want to take a look!

Bee, thanks for that link - great photos, huge shipyard! A little bigger in scale than my interest :-) Like Julochka, I too grew up in the middle of the country near rivers and lakes rather than oceans.

Thanks for visiting me, Marja-Leena and what a delight to see all these ferry pictures from the other side of our wonderful country. I'll be back!!

Wisewebwoman, thank YOU for stopping by. We shall be comparing notes on our opposite coasts.

My father was a sailor when he was young and loved all things nautical. Since I was an only child I was the one he taught to tie knots :-)

Susan, do you still tie knots, like in macrame? :-)

Now here's an example of art overlayering art. That three-letter word is frequently under-used as a synonym for paintings and other forms of graphics. But it has a far wider meaning - eg, the conscious use of skill and creative imagination. So there's skill in coiling the rope round the cleat to make it shipshape and Bristol fashion and there's another skill in noticing it and recording it. Having spent some time on my brother's boat I respond particularly to this. In marine matters doing a thing properly often means doing it neatly. And a neat solution is often a pleasure just to look at. Good on yer. There's salt in your nostrils M-L.

BB, thanks for your wonderful descriptions of art, art-making and the art of doing things well. You somehow reminded me that some years ago I took a photo of a rope coil, also on a ferry, and it turned into a couple of prints: Paths XI and Paths XIII. I seem to be revisiting that salty theme, eh.