detail from FRAGMENTS II

I keep thinking about my deep fascination for my own origins, of the origins of the Finno-Ugrics, and of all humans. I’m understanding more and more that this is at the very root of my fascination and passion for the traces left behind by these early people on rocks and cave walls, in their sculptures, standing stones, dolmens, pottery, jewelry and so on. And this passion naturally translates into my own art work.

Casually browsing through some of my archives, I came across this almost forgotten post from 2007 which really resonates for me at this moment, especially the above passage.

Back at the printmaking studio after several months’ absence, I am revisiting the last prints I finished, especially the FRAGMENTS pieces. I am gathering thoughts, ideas, feelings along with possible relevant images from my massive files as I plan new work. It is a process I need to go through, a kind of evaluation of past work and finding the connecting threads to carry forth as I move into the new.

UPDATE Sept.23rd, 2011: The Fragments category is now up under Printworks. I will add more works as they are created and completed. Thanks to Marly for the question in the comments, it has spurred me on to remind my designer daughter to help add that category at long last.

September 19, 2011 in Being an Artist, Fragments, Printworks, Rock Art & Archaeology by Marja-Leena