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I made these for my loved ones, and also wish to share them with far-away family and friends, including all of you dear blog-friends and readers in honour of Friendship Day! Have a sweet day! Hauskaa Ystävänpäivää!

And, in the 'always-learning-something-new-department': Today is the Feast of Sts. Cyril and Methodius, not Valentine!

Marja-Leena | 14/02/2008 | 13 comments
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Absolutely! To friendship, with thanks :-)

Oh, aren't those pretty! Thanks for sharing them with us. Now if you could only push some chocolate through that screen...

Thank you, dear Marja-Leena. They're beautiful hearts on their own, and because they represent yours!

rr, leslee, and Beth, thank you for being such dear faithful readers and friends. And I'd gladly share my chocolate with you if I could!

Lovely hearts! Thanks for sharing them!

Hi marja-leena,
How sweet of you.

My honey made some hearts out of steel for me in his welding class last night. There's just something about hearts that makes me feel happy.

Thanks for sharing yours!

I'm always happy to see someone still making valentines. Here's to friendships!

MB, thanks for dropping by. I've missed you. And I was just commenting over at your blog when you posted this, isn't that amazing?

Elise, hand made gifts, no matter the size are wonderful gifts, and you are blessed. Thanks for dropping in.

Joan, my pleasure and thank you, too!

and the same to you, Peter!

Takes an artist - mine for the table (cut from paper napkins) were narrow, pre-operative things by comparison. Thank-you for the wishes, ours was fun; G was pleased with my Valentine video of all the silly photos I could find of him backed by "I Know I'll Never Find Another You"....

Aren't they pretty? I have to say I do like to see all the warm red of them at this time of year.
I remember my mum saying when she was young Valentine's day was much more about friendship and affection than anything romantic.

Wouldn't it be funny if we all wished our loved ones happy Cyril's day! I think I might try it...

Does your heart good to see such hearts. Beautifully done! How nice to have a friendship day. Friendliest greetings to you.

Anna, sounds like your Valentine's was fun indeed!

Lucy - happy Cyril's Day, hih.

Joe, thanks!

Thanks again everyone for your appreciation of my hand made hearts! I don't usually do anything on Valentine's but the past couple of years I've really been having fun cutting up old collagraph proofs for cards, and to share them on the blog.