Paris: details


Throughout our trip to London, a few parts of England and now Paris, I’ve been constantly looking, seeing, feeling, soaking in everything and letting my husband do most of the photography. Now and then I feel the urge to capture some small details such as this, as if the big pictures are too overwhelming to process yet.

This time in Paris is a way of celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary and it’s been memorable indeed. Yesterday’s many hours in an art museum, then hours and hours of walking left me exhausted so this Tuesday morning I’m taking it easy while my keen cyclist husband has gone to try out Paris’ fantastic Velib bike rentals. A week here is not enough! We’ll be on our way home in a couple of days and then I hope to sort through numerous photos and scribbled notes and begin to share my thoughts and impressions.

May 19, 2009 in Photoworks, Travel, Urban by Marja-Leena