PISA tests


Pardon my bragging… I’ve written from time to time about how Finland’s education system has been well-recognized for its excellence in many areas – reading, music, math and sciences. This has been confirmed by the international PISA tests such as for 2003. Recent reports for 2006 for the study of science placed Finland on the top, with Canada and Estonia doing not too badly either, as shown above. Often forgotten, hard-working teachers deserve a lot of credit and thanks!

Newer readers who may be interested might like to read my older posts on music education in Finland, and the interesting observations by a Washington Post reporter in his Finland Diary.

Image thanks to Finnish blogger Pekka Nykänen.

Update: More about Finland’s education system at Virtual Finland (which sadly no longer exists – ed.)

December 4, 2007 in Canada and BC, Finland, Estonia & Finno-Ugric by Marja-Leena