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I'm delighted to share with you that Tom Montag and I have had our collaboration Blue accepted and up at Postal Poetry, an exciting new site for individually and collaboratively created poetry postcards.

Tom has already expressed his pleasure and also mentions our earlier collaboration for qarrstiluni - please visit him for those details!

The co-editors of Postal Poetry are poets Dana Guthrie Martin of gorgeous somewhere and Dave Bonta of Via Negativa, qarrtsiluni and many other sites. They invite submissions of either digital poetry postcards and 'real' ones by snail mail.

Marja-Leena | 01/09/2008 | 4 comments
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What a wonderful idea! Knock me over with a soggy spaghetti strand, but i don't know why this never occurred to me to do before.

Your images make for some pretty fine poems, M-L!

congrats on this! I love your photo and the poem that is embedded on it. I also really enjoyed the Poetry Postcard site! I've done quite a bit of postcard poetry (last Oct. for our local Random Acts of Poetry I brought only postcard poems), and Katja and Della and I have written postcard poems as part of our new article for New World Finn.

Thanks Peter and Taina, ye Thunder Bay friends! Why not join in at Postal Poetry? I'd be happy to collaborate if you see a photo or artwork of mine that inspires you! I'm not much of a poet though.

Taina, I'd love to see those postcard poems in New World Finn - will that issue be available online?

While Gerry (the ed) does post an article or two online, generally it is hardcopy.