Can you believe it’s November already? What a busy and creative fall I’m having, with great progress on the list of things to do for my exhibition, which opens two weeks tonight!

The new works are almost done. Silent Messengers: Hoodoos IV and V are nearing completion as I’m about to proof the transparency layers tomorrow, make adjustments if needed, then edition these. The other five, still unnamed, smaller pieces are ready to be editioned. I’m really excited how they are all coming together. Along with previously completed works, I will likely put up about 20 pieces.

The business end of things is heating up with the invitations (which turned out great!) now in my hot little hands. My address list is still not up to date, having lost it somehow (a backup oversight?) when we bought this computer last February, so that’s a bit of a muddle. As for the posters, I need to contact the designer to see how that’s coming. The magnets that I will use to hang the work got ordered online last night from Lee Valley since I don’t have time after all to drive out there. All the rest is paperwork and I’ll get to it as soon as the prints are done, probably by the weekend.

My thoughts are leaping forward to how I might arrange the work in the gallery, the photography, the food and beverages for opening night. Later I will need to set up proper lights and cameras to take some good installation photos and document the work both in slides and digitally. And I’m already thinking about the next new pieces!

The beauty of having a solo show for me, and for most artists I’m sure, is to see a larger body of one’s work hanging on the walls, to really see what one has been doing over a period of time and how it all works together, and thus learn a bit more about what the work is really about. I also look forward to the feedback from visitors and my fellow artists.

November 2, 2005 in Being an Artist, Printmaking by Marja-Leena