purge or save?


As I mentioned in the previous post, I’m going through some major shifting and sifting of stuff in our house. One area of purges is through my very old issues of art magazines, mostly from the 90’s and a few older. The majority of these are Canadian Art, Vanguard, an art criticism mag published between 1976 and 1984 by the Vancouver Art Gallery, and Border Crossings from my old home city of Winnipeg.

There are also some Finnish design magazines and small exhibition catalogues from around the world passed on to me over a decade ago by a good friend whose well-travelled and arts-loving Finnish mother was moving into a care home at that time. Inside one of the magazines, I found some delicate and lovely pressed leaves that I will preserve digitally. During breaks, I’m enjoying rereading a few articles, such as about the rebirth of Marimekko in the 90’s under the creative and brilliant direction of Kirsti Paakkanen.

I’ve hung on to these for too many years thinking I will reread them, but since I have not, it’s time to say goodbye. I love well-done print design and articles about art and artists and hate to just throw them into recycling, so I hope to find a new home for them, via something like Freecycle. Instead of the more violent act of purging, I can choose the gentle act of sharing. Is there an art student out there eager to have them?

What do you do with your old but good magazines and catalogues?

June 30, 2008 in Being an Artist by Marja-Leena