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as we prepare dinner this evening, we are struck by the beauty of this humble vegetable which originated in Peru

Marja-Leena | 13/11/2010 | 8 comments
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Even a potato is beautiful when envisioned by you, Marja-Leena. Thank you for all the times you've made me open my eyes wider to the world around me.

Marja-Leena, never seen a potato that color. Humble? So many people's had not stayed alive without that. Including Finns and as late as right after the second World War.

Patry, thank you! Glad you enjoy my little obsessions.

Ripsa, many of the organic farmers around here are growing more unusual and rare varieties of potatoes and other vegetables to increase diversity instead of practicing monoculture (the reason for the potato blight that caused the Great Irish Famine). Our daughter Erika loves going to the farmers markets and brings home such unusual delights like this potato. By humble, I mean plain, every day and a common part of the diet of a lot of people in the world, so not unimportant at all. Did you know that China and India now grow the most potatoes in the world? I didn't until I read the link.

Potatoes! Not so long ago, I had a chance to eat purple potato chips. I thought at the time that I would like to get my hands on a few raw potatoes to give to my friend, who is a wizard in the kitchen. The chips didn't do them justice. When I think of these potatoes on an earthenware plate, I go all wobbly in the knees.

time for a chip buttie

rouchswalwe and rosie, oh dear, while I feast on the visual, you two can only think of your taste buds :-)

I thought at first you might have been making potato prints.. or rutabaga ones :-) it's a cool scan.

Susan, thanks, I had some difficulty getting a sharp image because of the wet starch on the cut potato - had to dry it off and clean the scanner a couple of times.