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Marja-Leena | 10/05/2008 | 8 comments
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I love these photos and dream of standing in a room where really big prints cover all the walls and I can stare at them and hear the sea and let my mind follow the images, abstract and less abstract, created and set moving by the traces of ripples.

Jean, I love what you've written about your feelings! I love being on these shores, they are for me a place of meditation. I keep going back over the photos but now you tempt me to print some of these.

Water is surely the supreme sculptor.

Joe - yes! I fully agree. I think of all the rock formations that I have photographed, and even used in my prints, and how many of them were weathered by water. Sometimes by wind too.

This is like some wonderful draped fabric - superb effect. It would make a wonderful print.

Anna, it would be lovely printed on silk, wouldn't it, and made into a dress? If I knew how..

Oooh, that's beautiful.

MB, glad you like!