Rock Art: Siberia and Alps


Erkki Luoma-aho* presents his photographs of petroglyphs at Siberia’s Tom and Jenisei Rivers and at Valcamonica in the Italian Alps, taken during his travels in 2000 and 2001. The site is in Finnish, but it consists mostly of photos.

An interesting point that he makes is that in Scandinavia many of the petroglyphs were painted originally to bring out the details, but these have weathered and worn off with time. Luoma-aho has also “painted” these images, digitally of course, to bring up the details. To view, begin at the list and click at a link. Click on the image so you can compare it with and without the digital enhancement – notice how some of these are barely discernible. (Under the image are three red icons for navigation: the left hunter takes you back one image, the center one back to the list, and the right one forward to the next photo.)

Now that was just an introduction! There’s lots more to explore, such as his fascinating journey to Siberia presented in English.

UPDATE Jan 2014: *Sadly his site is no longer accessible and/or the other links are no longer available, so have been removed. Try a search, if interested as he has published some of his photos.

September 20, 2004 in Rock Art & Archaeology by Marja-Leena