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I’m thrilled whenever I come across images of ancient rock art unexpectedly and this has just happened twice over two days. Regular readers will know that it’s a subject of great interest and inspiration for me even in my own art making.

Wood s lot is on my daily blog read and yesterday offered a special reward of a lovely image and many links to the Bradshaw paintings of Australia. I’ve seen these before on the fabulous Bradshaw Foundation site, which I’ve mentioned several times here, but warrants a fresh new look that is always inspiring, and the site is updated with new finds periodically.

One of the links is to Australian Gary Sauer-Thompson’s blog junk for code. Lots of images of the Bradshaw paintings here, and a very interesting new-to-me blog about arts, culture and philosophy to explore.

The second find caught my eye today, over at Via Negativa, in the side bar under Smorgasblog where Dave selects excerpts from his daily blog reads. Under Find Me a Bluebird the first lines are:

rock paintings made from oxides, blood and fat, still there after several hundred years…

Do you think I could resist that? It’s as if it was selected especially for me! I’ve occasionally visited Find Me a Bluebird, and this visit was very special, about a river rafting journey on the Salmon River in Idaho, USA. I’ve been to parts of this area but never rafting on the river, and finding a rock painting! Go have a look at all the gorgeous photos with a lovely poem.

UPDATE Sept.22.06: MB of Find me a Bluebird has posted a moving poem Old River Bed accompanied with a photo of another gorgeous pictograph. What an inspirational river journey that was!

September 19, 2006 in Blogging, Rock Art & Archaeology by Marja-Leena