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Today, thinking about finding some rocks to flip for the International Rock-Flipping Day, we thought the beach might offer up some interesting possibilities. So we checked the tide tables - low tide at 4:00 pm. We headed out before that for a walk to Cates Park or Whey-Ah-Whichen and its saltwater beach, sitting on Burrard Inlet. It showered on and off all day, and we got caught in one but our umbrella helped keep the camera dry.


This rock revealed one tiny crab and two long translucent worms, both quickly going into hiding, Can you see the worms?


We startled many tiny crabs under a second rock, but they all moved too fast to catch a good photo, plus I'm not very knowledgeable about the names of the sea life, sorry.


This was our best photo catch, the star of the day, sitting still ON rocks rather than under.

Check out Dave's photos and links to other participants who had better luck than we did today. Thanks for the fun idea, Dave!

Oh, now there's even more! Keep checking from time to time as the list keeps growing, and truly international it is. There are more at Flickr as well. I'm enjoying checking out new blogs to add to my already-too-long-list. And I've succumbed to the temptation of adding the handsome IRFD button (designed by Jason Robertshaw of cephalopodcast).


Posted by Marja-Leena on September 2, 2007 6:02 PM


What a fun idea! I shall mark it in my diary for next year.

Olga, if you are keen, it's not too late to do your own rock flip today. There are other latecomers and even Dave has just posted another big flip. I wonder if this will be an annual event?