What a busy time of year! I feel like my several “roles” in life are all in competition. Here are the most demanding ones right now:

THE ARTIST spent a surprisingly pleasant hour and a half last Friday morning with a photographer in the AudioVisual Services at Capilano College, taking digital photos of my Silent Messenger series of prints. Regular readers may recall my writing about my difficulties with the reflections on the shiny transparent layer. I was told about Kathleen Klein, aka Kats’ abilities and booked an appointment. Kats met the challenge extremely well with her professional knowledge and equIpment – a huge thank you, Kats! I may need to have one or two retaken but most are only needing the normal minor corrections. As time permits I’ll do that and will post them here, to go into the archives under “Silent Messengers.” Sorry it’s taking so long.

THE PARTY GAL (hah, me?!) has been to SO’s company Christmas dinner, a rather posh affair in a posh hotel downtown. Dressing up, being introduced to numerous people and trying to remember names, and trying to have conversations in a noisy room of over 200 people are a major challenge for me. I think a lot of people were surprised to finally meet “the wife”! A much smaller, more casual and cosier potluck party was held a couple of days ago by Wayne to welcome Kim to the printmaking community – much more our style! And there’s another potluck lunch on Wednesday, an annual ritual for the Institutees!

THE CORRESPONDENT with the help of SO has finished almost all the letters and Christmas cards. We’re enjoying the cards and letters coming in every day now!

THE HOMEMAKER and DECORATOR has started to do some Christmas decorating with some outdoor lights on the shrubs by the house, with the indoors to follow this week. SO finished painting some of the rooms downstairs, so there will be the cleaning and returning of things into some order for guests coming over the holidays. I even looked at some beds today to possibly replace our old, rather saggy one that had been relegated for guests.

THE SHOPPER crossed off several items on the list today, with a sigh of exhaustion. She still needs something for the grand-daughters and SO, who have everything.

THE COOK and BAKER needs to finalize the food and baking ingredients list, shop and start baking! Youngest daughter finished classes today and will help with baking and decorating!

A CHRISTMAS MEMORY: One year when my children were small and I was an at-home mom, I sewed almost all my Christmas gifts, including a winter coat for one of our girls, and a jacket for my husband! That gave me a great sense of pleasure and a connection to the old ways of my childhood! I wish I had time to do that these days. Ah well, maybe I’ll manage to make a couple of bibs for the latest family addition.

December 12, 2005 in Being an Artist, Current Events by Marja-Leena