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Boogie Street's Mr Zip, an artist and blog pal in the UK, wrote this on my previous post called rust circle:

Lovely piece of metal, and I can understand why you've kept it for so long. When at university I picked up a sanding disk with black patches and scraps of paint attached, which I found similarly attractive, and it's been hanging on my studio wall ever since. I know it can be used in an artwork somehow, but have yet to find the right way. Meanwhile, I just enjoy it for its own sake.

And he kindly offered these images to me to put up here. Aren't they gorgeous?! I can just imagine a future archaeologist excited by finds like ours.

Circles, especially man-made ones, have recently figured in some of my work, so maybe I was led to rediscovering my long-saved rust circle.... and receiving another from a reader! Anyone else have similar weathered treasures?

Marja-Leena | 12/04/2008 | 5 comments
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This is very intriguing, I shall look out for similar circles perhaps...
The blue paint looks like verdigris.

Those *are* nice!

Lucy, I hope you find some special circles to share! Hmm, verdigris indeed!

Dave, they really are, aren't they!

Yes, nice circles! Not a circle, but I did bring home from the beach other day a lovely crescent of muscle shell, deep layers of purple on one side and pearlescent on the other.

Leslee, did you get a photo of your find? It sounds pretty.