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writing letters and cards, until cross-eyed

watching high winds tossing our huge trees, worrying

admiring the little garden lights in the early darkening

listening to favourite Christmas music, heart singing

putting out a few Christmas decorations each day, savouring

looking at charming Finnish Christmas pages, remembering

Marja-Leena | 11/12/2006 | 9 comments
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Wow, I just looked at the evening news on TV - we're having a big storm here. Winds gusting up to 100km per hour, falling trees cutting off powerlines. Daughter in Surrey phoned to say they have no power, so it's candles and cold supper again! We're barely finished cleaning up from the last storm, and now we're into a series of wind and rainstorms this week - and it isn't even officially winter yet! At least it isn't snowing this time - it was 12C at the airport today.

The picture of the candles - so Finnish! Your poem about your feelings - so Finnish! Thank you!

Sikuri, thank you! Yes, the Iittala glass candlesticks and candles, the rya rug on the wall and the weaving on the piano are all Finnish! I'm glad you noticed - but of course you probably have the same in your home.

I feel I am shadowing your activities, including the high winds, and you have presented them all in charming fashion.

Less poetically, I just went down to the village to post a huge pile of cards and nearly fainted at the cost of postage stamps for them - nearly £30. Almost time to call a halt to the nonsense of it and give the cash to something more worthwhile.

Anna, I know what you mean about postage costs. I have quite a few going overseas which adds up. Yet I think of the cards I make myself as little gifts to all our family and friends. I enjoy the annual exchange of news, something we often don't get around to doing other times of the year, even with email. We need to get them into blogging! I hope you are enjoying all the preparations for the Christmas season.

Fire and ice! Amazing what the color red can do for the soul on grey days. Thanks for putting a little red beauty on your blog!

MB, that's why I love red so much and Christmas allows me to indulge my passion even more! Our home is decorated in a very Finnish/Scandinavian look with blond woods and many accents in reds. Speaking of fire, the rya rug in the background is a scene of a bonfire at night reflected in water. It was woven by an aunt for my mother for her 50th birthday.

As another "red person," the sight of your red candles and the rya rug made me smile. Love your poem.

Patry, how neat that you are also a "red person". And glad you liked my humble attempt at poetry!