self-portrait ’68


Self-portrait 1968
image size: 24.5 x 22.5 cm (9.5″ x 9″)

I have occassionally posted some of my very much older work here as I unearth them from the bottom of my flat files. This is one I had forgotten to publish though it was very much a favourite of mine. It was one of the last prints done in my final year in art school when my major was actually in painting. This was the time when I really fell in love with printmaking and especially the drypoint technique. It would be well over a decade before I was able to return to printmaking seriously.

My older works may be found in that category under Printworks. Another drypoint from that period is this one.

Added January 5th, 2014: As I continue to edit broken links and other funky things after this blog’s move to WordPress, I do end up reading a lot of old posts. Just now I came across this one, which is about this work being published in Qarrtsiluni! I had forgotten that, and how cheesy my words are!

January 2, 2014 in Older Works, Printworks by Marja-Leena