self-portrait marathon

self-portrait sketch in conte and charcoal

After being away a week, I’ve been catching up with my blog reading. I noticed a few bloggers posting a variety of self-portraits, especially Natalie. Now she has gone and challenged me to join in The Self-Portrait Marathon. At first I felt that that I couldn’t possibly, I haven’t done this in decades, I don’t have time, etcetera, etcetera. But that little voice would not go away, so I dropped everything else, found sketchbook and my favourite drawing conte and charcoal.

My oh my, I’ve lost my touch – I used to whip up quick portraits that really looked like the subjects, and of course I was the most convenient subject sometimes. This is a good lesson indeed! Anyway, here it is before I chicken out. I’m embarrassed that it’s not a great drawing and does not look like me. (I don’t look that good!) According to the challenge I am to continue to take this further so I might do some digital manipulation on it next. Should be kinda fun.

How about you, dear readers – want to join in the fun? Check out the “rules” at crackskullbob’s. You can see the self-portraits by the other marathoners on his site.

Addendum July 6, 2006: Here are the other ones that I’ve contributed to the self-portrait marathon: the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth and the sixth.

June 14, 2006 in Being an Artist, Drawings by Marja-Leena