Charles Downey at ionarts writes at length about an exhibition he visited in Paris: Self-Portraits at the Luxembourg. These are about 150 artist self-portraits done in many styles spanning the end of the 19th century to all of the 20th, in a variety of media. Images for all of them can be viewed in Aperçu des Oeuvres.

As a printmaker, I was pleased to see a good number of prints done by the big name artists like Matisse, Miro, Kollwitz, Kokoschka, Klee, Hockney, Giacometti, Ensor, Dali, Man Ray. Another pleasant surprise for me was to see Finnish artist Helena Schjerfbeck included in this collection. Enjoy!

Update July 10.04: And here’s Downey’s review, part 2

July 9, 2004 in Art Exhibitions by Marja-Leena