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Sept.11, 1906

It's hard to avoid all the nauseous revisiting of the events of five years ago, even in our Canadian media and present government. Unwilling as I am to be drawn into this again, especially since I avoid the subject of politics on my blog, I feel this interview about Satyagraha 100 Years Later is about history. And aren't we supposed to learn lessons from history? (Thanks to Gordon Coale)

Addendum: The Tyee has a very interesting article discussing Canadian citizenship and a response to a challenge that was put forth since the recent Lebanon war: The Gates of Fear? 9/11 and the rules of Canadian citizenship.

Addendum #2: I really recommend you read Dave Bonta's excellent guest essay on Satyagraha over at modal minority, a blog focused on the culture of the Global South, usually written by Teju Cole.

Addendum #3: Okay, this is the last one, I promise, but I must point to Feministe's passionate remembrance and rejection of the pomp and politics of 9/11. Found belatedly at Via Negativa's Smorgasblog.

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Glad to see Democracy Now picked up the story.

Hei M-L...
Ah History, yes we are supposed to learn fom it - learn and make life better. It's a stigma, and I also dislike hearing about 9/11 and all the politics it carries like a plague. They say 'history repeats itself.' Now I ponder how often? You'd think we ought to use common-sense, yet that has become history too. Just how close we are to destroying this planet? I think we're too close - remember the 'missles of October.? Politics...Grrrr

Dave, thanks for your timely and excellent article on Satyagraha. I've only just now added a note about it here, a bit late because I had to go out this afternoon to visit a friend in the hospital. I wish it were recommended reading for all leaders!

Hei Roger, it's a subject that touches everyone's nerves, isn't it? As I wrote I don't like to bring up politics here, but feel the message of one hundred years ago is an important one. How to change?

I made a point of ignoring it as best I could, yesterday. I hope after yesterday that everyone can just get over it and move on. That country needs to stop dwelling on its past and work toward a better future, which is a task Bush isn't excelling at, if you ask me.

I printed out my chores list again and last time I wrote on it, "Beginning August 14." Space ran out on Sunday, so the new one started on Sept 11, but I refused to write it like it's the devil's name or something, so I wrote Sept 12 instead.

So much has changed in 100 years, and yet nothing much at all!

I don't have any qualms about bringing up politics on my blog! But the tone of mine is entirely different.
I wish I had more in the way of people's art on mine.