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like an explorer of new lands
with a new eye, a new lens
finding exciting textures
to inspire her inner printmaker

Marja-Leena | 08/02/2010 | 13 comments
themes: Being an Artist, Photoworks, Textures


Oooh, those are beautiful! Enjoying your new camera?!

Leslee, thanks! It's not a new camera, rather a new lens and extension tubes for doing macro photography with our digital SLR camera. I wrote about it here in case you missed it. These photos were taken with an extension tube and no tripod. And, yes, I'm loving it, it's sort of like having selective super vision, seeing some things very close up and other things blurred.

Those are absolutely beautiful!

Whoa incredible!!!!!! Yes, macro can fun when everything goes right.

Hattie, thanks, as always!

Cathy, glad you like. And you are right, it's fun when it works well. I'm getting better at it.

This lens seems the perfect fit for your attention to textures and detail. These are just beautiful textures, and the overall effect in each is that of a well-arranged print.

Peter, thanks for the kind words and for visiting! Yes, I'm quite excited working with macro and with the results I'm getting.

That is presumably a macro lense. It seems to suit you. The surface of shells look like ploughed fields.

Joe, it is actually an extension tube that is placed between the regular lens and the camera. It extends the lens closer to the object. A miracle, as far as I'm concerned, and far cheaper than another dedicated macro lens.

The camera (and extension tube) is the tool but it's the eye and hand that make the picture :-)

Susan, thanks, I'm glad you think so for I hope that is the case. Photography is so popular and easy for everyone nowadays that we can all take good pictures.

Isn't it just like exploring new lands? And there's SO much to explore! Every time I dive into the world of macro I seem to forget the world I live in and time goes by without my noticing.

I love the close shots of the crenellations of the shells. The shadows are what make it almost eerie.

Butuki, yes, that's what it's like! I've long enjoyed scanning objects so macro photography expands the possibilities greatly. Light and shadows on the tiniest surface textures....