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The sunshine is so warming today as it streams into the house (oh, but such dirty windows). Fresh green leaves, spring flowers and even dandelions are bursting everywhere in spite of the cool temperatures. The tulips I had picked from our garden are already spread wide open in the warm house. It's April 30th, I realize, which means it's Vappu or May Day Eve. Or it was on the other side of the world in Finland where they have already celebrated with much drinking and partying, especially the students. I should have made some sima and tippaleipää but instead I will just fondly reminisce about those tastes that my mother offered up in my childhood. ( I can't have sugar or wheat.)

Unlike here in North America, May Day is rich with meanings and celebrations in Europe - Beltane, a celebration of spring, Walpurgis Night, Maypole and other dances and the International Workers' Day. I wish we had a celebration here in Canada.

Instead I raise my virtual glass of sima and once again heartily wish you all a Happy May Day, Hauskaa Vappua, Happy Walpurgisnacht and Bonne Fête du Muguet!

Marja-Leena | 30/04/2008 | 8 comments
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Happy May Day, dear Marja-Leena! Enjoy the beauty and light of spring!

mb, thanks and the same to you!

Yes, bonne fete de travail!
Here the muguet aren't even putting their heads up yet, the spring's so late.

Thanks Lucy, my muguet are late too! I spotted a few buds peeking up amongst the ones in a sunny spot. Even the lilac is late. Both were featured in past May Day posts, an interesting recording of weather.

Happy May Day, Marja-Leena! Glad the sun was warming it for you yesterday - maybe today, too? I think we had frost here last night, but there's no stopping the spring burst of blooms. Bright and sunny this morning.

Bonne fete de Muguet!

How gorgeous!

thanks Leslee. No, it's been cloudy today with a few sprinkles, but I finally got several hours of work done on the computer on my 'gallery' site.

Loretta, thank you! I hope you don't think these flowers are the lily-of-the-valley, which is not yet blooming. I've forgotten the name of this one... anyone know?

Oh, just remembered the name of this flower, hence this note to myself: this is a pasque flower! I had bought this plant for my garden some years ago because it reminded me of the prairie crocuses on a hillside in the Peace River valley of northeastern BC. Interestingly I just learned that it's Manitoba's provincial flower.